Yoga; union

In the Western world most people who attend a yoga class believe it entails a perfection of complex postures, also known as Asana, requiring ample flexibility. However, this perfect practice is further from the truth than you can imagine.
Yoga, in the Sanskrit language translates to union or connection. My thoughts on union; bridges the knowledge we are unified and whole within our imperfections.

There are many branches of yoga for the practitioner to explore to live optimally.

Raja Yoga: focal point is meditation
Karma Yoga: to be in service
Bhakti Yoga: path of devotion
Jnana Yoga: wisdom of mind
Hatha Yoga; balance of the body
Tantra Yoga: path of sacred ritual

Depending on the teacher, every practice can be approached differently. I suggested you research a bit, then attend a class. Once you are on your mat leave the ego and goals outside the studio. We do not practice yoga for attainment, instead to create awareness of the mind, body, and higher-self relationship.
Always move slowly and trust your body it will know how far it can go.

Intuition Yoga utilizes a gentle grounding practice with integrity, breathing exercises for longevity, and sound, also now as mantra to align the energy system of the ethereal body. Intending to reconnect the mind and body graceful, without resistant and struggle. This necessary care taking is what we require if we wish to live healthy and peaceful on or off our mat .

Artwork is trademarked by Aligning, INC


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