Happy Autumn!

Another change of season is upon us in the northern hemisphere, where day and night will find a meeting place and be equal.
Today September 22, 2017 at 4:02 pm fall equinox is the moment where our home planet’s equator passes right through the center of the huge star at the center of our solar system called the Sun. It happens every year and then again around about the 20th March.

The falling leaves, aroma of a freshly baked apple pie, picking pumpkins and a vegetarian Thanks-giving dinner are things I look forward too. I’m feeling happy with the thoughts of summer’s transition into autumn, however there is something happening beyond the surface.

We accept that our lives will shift as we prepare for the colder nights, and we begin our journey inward. The state of duality between the day and night is highlighted during this time, we will require an attempt to create balance within our own lives, in hope it lead to a stable physical and spiritual transformation.
We will offer gratitude, because there is no resistant as we must except change, which is most important for our emotional clarity.
Acceptance, can be a powerful tool we utilize to simplify our transition.

Happy Fall Equinox!


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