Draft a Master Plan…

The great eclipse of the century has happened.
According to NASA, the total lunar eclipse happens when the moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth.

I do have a bit of bad news: my neighbors up here in North America, were not able to have a visual of this amazing event.

The Good news: we will feel the intensity of the moon’s energy working in our favor for the next few weeks. Allowing us to go within, watching the releasing any darkness and burden we’ve felt for the last few months. Perhaps, simply opening the door into our true self, letting go of the things we’re attached to, we thought made us happy, or protected our vulnerability.

Key points:
Let go of the thoughts, and actions that no longer work for you.
Find where you are most empowered, remain centered there.
The authentic foundation we have built will remain keeping us balanced and stable, anything else may begin to dissipate or crumble.
Focus on loving relationships that represent integrity and loyalty.
Step deep into the emotional heart and imagine the life you want to live.

This is an opportunity to draft a master plan for the next stage of your life.