…my yoga

It’s intense to think I’m going on a twentieth year of practicing yoga.
I’m still learning new things about myself, and my practice of this sacred philosophy, which means union in the Sanskrit language. I think like most students of life we will always experience some form of lesson.

I’ve realize how important a daily meditation is.
Accessing Mountain pose, or Tasdasana (tah-DAHS-anna), a simple posture where we stand tall, but also enables the practitioner to cultivate strength, and remain in the stillness of the moment.
Sometimes, I overlook my ability to utilize the breath, or Pranayama (pränəˈyämə), to breathe with awareness, so I may align the body and my higher-self.

Yoga has helped me rediscover my resilience, courage, patience and peace. These vital tools will assist in our process to live, learn and recognize we have the ability to start brand new everyday.



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