Beginnings, endings and the mortality of 2016 is at the fore front of my mind.  As I reflect upon the last nine years much has been altered not only in my worldview, but on a deep personal level. It’s been a tough year and some of us have lost many we loved, which have touch us with their music, words and honor. Perhaps you haven’t lost someone or something, just little piece of your self in the process.

What is unfolding in our lives makes sense to me as our calendar year comes to an end. This completion represents the cycle of “1 – 9”. I would love to discuss my concepts on numbers and how they touch our lives, which is deeply rooted in the theory of numerology. However, I’m sure getting straight to the point as we come to the last few hours of 2016 is the priority.
This 9 year, which comes to an end has evoked us to feel a possible upsurge physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are at the end of the cycle. It is intended to create change, as an ending always leads right into a beginning. As one door closes the other simultaneously opens.
This number nine cycle is supporting the actions of cleansing, clearing house and letting go. It is a time where we recognize what has assisted us on the path of empowerment and peace, as well as what we feel no longer serves us. I would highly recommend we do not move through our days holding onto old hurts and sorrows. Even the memories which we feel in someway helped us become stronger and more resilient. It is important we step into 2017, the year of “1” with clear thoughts, open and innovative. We have in our hands a brand new canvas ready to be painted with the life we imagined. We must focus in on our true intentions with lives somewhere at center of our heart. This will assist us with moving through into the year 1 with a positive and clear intent. It’s important to acknowledge a positive does not mean good versus bad. Positive is defined as we wish to express and aspire in our life. This is positive. It really has nothing to do with what you leave behind, other than learning from your experiences. We should not be emotionally driven based on what has occurred. As we understand the 1 year is about new beginnings.

This experience of life and how it can shifts occurs at lighting speed. As we enter this new cycle we need to access our highest intelligence, and be ready to put in motion the work to create the most amazing next nine years. We do not not want to miss the opportunity, as it will only come around again in a decade or so. My thoughts to help us move forward would be to find our compassion and gratitude. This state may ease the thoughts and emotion of letting go so we may make room for the start fresh and to align with what is our highest good.


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