Summer Solstice 

  Summer Solstice arrives this evening at 6:34pm.
 The Solstice will allow our days to extended on our side of the earth.

As the sun becomes our center of awareness, it will shed light where we are experiencing some from of darkness. We will be able to see what we could not before. As this is a positive event, it may seem to be a form of challenge for some. As light is shed brightly upon our lives we can see what no longer works for us, and where to focus so we may progress forward. 

The truth will be revealed, because it can no longer hide in the dark dusty corners. The process however sounds simple, and will be, if we can shift from a place of attachment and release the old. We need to make room for what is unknown to us now. We will need to find our patience as it unfolds.
Celebrate this rare event of the full moon and summer solstice aligning, as it may be some time before we are able to experience again.


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