what dark cloud…

Ok… I randomly vent on any social media, or any where for the matter, it’s not my usual practice. 
HOWEVER, when you’re dropping off your child to her school, and there is a man right to my left in his car throwing his hand in the air, making violent faces, and screaming profanity with no sound toward you. That’s a tough way to start the morning…
Doesn’t he get we live in a small community, our children go to the same school, possible baseball game or track meet. 

Feeling a bit disturbed and sad this morning with the thoughts of a dark cloud of unconsciousness this single individual carries. This cloud allows him to react to me with an anger unseen in most circles. Nonetheless, I will not be evoked! I know we do not treat others this way, it’s simple wrong.
I guess it will always come back to me, and returning to my breath, The Eight Second Rule. Breathe, and do not react. Stay in my center. Yes, of course —- don’t ever give my power away. Breathe! Breathe.
I’m good, because I know this has nothing to do with me, any unsettled feeling I have will pass. As well as almost nothing can take me for my center. I’m reminded of the all the work I’ve done, the Aligning, yoga and practice of The Tao brings me here. Its a good place. And I’m not carting around a no dark cloud, not me…not ever. 



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