Being Human ( part I )

Almost every morning my radio is tuned into NPR, National Public Radio. Frequently I find a program to awaken an interest on a cutting edge topic. The last few days the station has been interviewing different authors discussing the topic of artificial intelligence.
My discovery was a computer can be programmed to demonstrate its intelligence by conducting music, story writing, as well as creating art.

As you can imagine I was intrigued by the interview and continued listening. What I learned is this artificial intelligence has created a symphony, wrote a financial review, as well just presented a detailed overview of Saturday night’s Yankees game. What blew me away was the host played a segment of the symphony, and it was quite beautiful. I could not imagined a living person did not write what I was listening too.

The program had ended simultaneously as I arrived in my driveway. I shifted my car into park.
I remain sitting still in my car for a long while, most of the interview still fresh in my mind. There was a range of emotions that flooded my body, I felt excited about the state of our technology, and a strange feeling of being uncomfortable.

My thoughts went to being an adolescent, no more that sixteen, and watching a movie from the 1970s. The movie was about a super computer taking over the world, locking down all communications from one country to another. It had the power to manipulate all technology, as well as a nuclear power plant and its reactor. Although the movie is over 40 years old, and at the time appeared to be an impossible reality.

Is it possible this artificial intelligence can replace the capacity of a human being?

I wonder as a society, have we lost the connection to our emotional self? I believe we are too busy in our lives, so we are utilizing the convenience offered by the modern world. As we link to technology, smart phones, tablets and now watches, has it become necessary to accomplish the goal of relating to one another?

I’m not here to complain about what makes my life easy. I enjoy Facebook and Twitter, I have pages on both sites. My phone is always with me, and most likely spend too much time on one or the other.
What I am debating here is, has society replaced being social in a group with being on social media? Are we seeking out human interaction? And if so, have we forgotten what it is to being human?

What is it to be human? Obviously we have a brain and a central nervous system, blood, bones, and breath. Nonetheless, my thoughts on being human is so much more. I am a multi-dimensional female. I am expressing my passion, being creative, and feel  happy most of the time, and on occasion I feel sad, angry or simply exhausted.
Being human is recalling the awesome time I had at my girlfriend’s wedding. I snapped a ton of photos wearing an awesome, yet crazy bridesmaid dress. A decade later looking back at the photos, and laughing with her as we debate how much thinner we were.
Just recently this dear friend requested we sit and chat over tea, and shared she’s contemplating divorcing her husband. We cried together. The model couple that inspired me with true love, for a moment had me question the dynamic of marriage and the unfolding of relationships.

How can a computer with artificial intelligence express the depth and complex emotions that exist in all of us. Obviously this is not a question.

So today, I have made a decision. I will begin documenting what it is for me to be human. In fact, you know what, I believe it’s what I’ve done most of my life. I’ve expressed the raw emotion of being alive. The journaling, traveling, working, experiencing the relationship with my parents, ex-husband, child and friends.

This is being human…

…and I know, no computer with all of its intelligence can do such a thing.


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