Signs and Symbols

I am in a state of transformation. I believe this transition is affecting many aspects of my life. I feel excited and nervous. What is important is that I do not fear the changes. I must step slowly and be conscious of each movement. A door is opening, as a door closed; obviously I know what door I will move toward.

A shared word of friends or a stranger, could offer some form of pattern I need to be aware of. The media or a random email may offer a symbol of some sort. I must remain observant of how the signs appear.

…And today. How lovely today, again the hummingbird has appeared. It’s a message for me, I know it. It’s amazing how the universe and nature guides us. There are times in my life when I may feel uncertain of the next step. All I can to do is to stop, inhale and exhale, and tune into my environment, to what I feel. It might offer the guidance I need.

Hummingbird Symbolism:

“The sweetest nectar is within!”

Eternity, continuity, and infinity, hope.

How do we expend our energy? Are we seeking out the wonder and beauty of life? Are you giving away your energy to worry, fear or lack? It is a optimal time to go within. Maintain the highest vibrational frequency; is this the intention? The focus should be on creating balance in our lives.


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