Gratitude & Courage

I am going to start a gratitude journal. I promise!!

I have had this intention for weeks now; first thing in the morning, I will open my eyes, reach out for my journal with the pewter heart that keeps it locked and safe from all eyes. I will express openly about the most powerful events, people and experiences, which have touched my life.

See, I have at least one hundred journals or more. They hold within them the deepest darkest parts of me, as well as the triumph and all of my joy. Even so, my journals hold the stories of my life. The writing within is from my perspective, and how I saw or felt it in that emotional state. All of these opportunities have brought me right here just days away of celebrating, 2015.

The day brings me to share with all my heart and offer my gratitude for all that I have. As I begin to reflect upon the years that have come to pass, some of the events emerge differently now, as I read them once more. As I reminisce on the weakest moments in my life. I comprehend how I conjurer up all my strength to step through something that intimated or frightened me. I understand how being frightened helped me recognize my courage, my ability to break through anything, nonetheless with fear in my my back pocket! I exposed my limited view on the situation and altered my standpoint.

I no longer choose to compare then and now. It is my journey and I own it, even though I sometimes rustled through to sit here and claim it. Amazing, how all of it seems so simple now. If I had only known there was an unseen power working for me, possibly the universe or the spirit of my grandfather, Arthur, who had crossed almost thirty-eight years ago. I had hoped I was being guided onto the right path. I now know, something, someone was supporting me. If I had expressed my gratitude for all things, the good and the bad, maybe I could have seen the support or a clearing of a path sooner than later! However, taking some time to sit and spend with loved ones is a blessing this holiday. I am reminded of all the wonderful family and friends I hold dear to my heart. I am making a choice to be thankful, to be grateful! I see the courage I have to be responsible for my own actions. I will continue on with or without fear. As I no longer choose to judge my life situation, but instead offer my gratitude for it.


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