Everyday society is climbing a higher mountain. The larger the house, the more things we need to put in it. The faster the car, the more fuel it needs. All of this makes sense in the world we live in; most of us are striving for something. In our busy lives it appears as though we have lost the awareness of what a quality life looks like. Most people are working harder than ever before to maintain a stable environment for herself and her family. The quality of the simple life has become more complex, and with the busyness of life there is only so much time in the day for the basics. Something will need to be sacrificed. Maybe it is a home cooked meal, spending time with our children, or a full night’s sleep.

Is it possible we have been told having “things” will bring us happiness?

Experiencing happiness is different than living authentically. This experience called happiness will simulate you to feel excited. Authenticity is a state linked to peace. Peace cannot be altered by things or feelings. It just is, no matter what we choose to feel based on our lifestyle.

There are times in our lives when we feel confused. The choices we need to make to live a life of peace and abundance can be overwhelming. An attachment to the possible outcome may be the problem. If this is so, the natural state of authenticity will be blocked, and when this occurs we may no longer trust our intuition – one of the things I feel helps us most on this journey.

My intuition requires me to remain grounded, to be genuine in my actions and choices. It reminds me to always align with the universal consciousness. I was very young when I realized that in order to hear the voice of the higher-self I needed to remain open and objective. I did not worry about what others would say. Knowing this was my path and I was going to walk it my way!  How easy this is to say right now, but it was not always this way. I remember doing one of my first psychic readings, I was two months shy of turning twelve. That was over thirty years ago. As far as I recall, there was no psychic hotlines or medium reality shows to support what I was doing. Unconsciously this challenge at a very young age supported my journey. Please know that this was not an easy task, and at times I stood on my own with a feeling of extreme loneliness. I struggled with the thoughts of ‘Am I the only one willing to not settle, and take the chance and find what is real and genuine?’ As I made a choice to follow what I felt at my heart center, I needed to redefine the quality of my life and where I was investing my energies.

I see many people still struggle as I once did; to be true to themselves, and my heart goes out to them. My advice would be simple, to accept your experience and then reexamine what has been put before you. It is only then you will know if it feels right or not.  This is one of the first steps to uncover your authenticity, which also requires courage and comprehending right-action. We must have a deep rooted trust, which can only come from aligning with your authentic self.


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