Living Unconditional

I have been working on living unconditional for several years.

What felt like lifetimes allowed me to discover a few things.

I’ve come to believe that we associate the word unconditional with love. When we are in love, we are without boundary. It is only then we may give ourselves permission to be vulnerable and feel safe to trust.

I have this unconditional love with my child, my daughter. I give to her without question. There is no thought, no debate, over what I must do for her to live a life that is peaceful and safe.

However, if it is only with my daughter that I am absolute and unlimited, is it possible that I am restricted from experiencing other forms of love?

If I live unconditioned in all aspects of my life, there may be a risk of being exposed or vulnerable. I may get hurt or be disappointed. I may feel insignificant or weak.

I must ask myself this question…

Am I willing to live unconditionally not only when I feel safe ( like within the relationship I have to my daughter ) but also when vulnerability is imminent?

I have discovered the work I have done does not pertain to unconditional love, but it is rather to live without condition; without imposing boundaries or having expectations. I must find and remain in a state where I am neutral. I must approach all situations from this neutral standpoint.

In order to do this I must first learn to begin new every day with no limitations.

Understanding that I have a physical, emotional, and spiritual intelligence, which I must utilize. It allows me to break free from the conditions my environment has placed upon me. I feel comfortable to express myself. To not only seek out love with another, but to begin the relationship of loving myself unconditionally.



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